Banking service

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By calling on our services, we take care of putting our investors, if they wish so, in contact with a respected Hungarian bank in order to proceed with the opening of a multi-currency personal bank account. The meeting at the bank lasts around an hour, with immediate obtainment of the bank details and access to e-banking, in order to conduct each move remotely. It is also possible to order one or several credit cards following the opening of the account.

In most cases, it is wise to open a local bank account for the following reasons:

– Many real estate transactions are made in the local currency (HUF), not in Euros.

– The transfer rights that are to be given to the State during the acquisition always have to be paid in HUF.

– The monthly payment of the collective ownership expenses, as well as the different service providers (Internet, gas, electricity etc.) are also charged in HUF.