Rental administration

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Besides our advice services – accompanying and interior design – we offer our clients an exclusive rental management service.

Long-term rental management:

We take qualitative pictures of the apartment, write and post the rental advertisements, select and find the future tenants. Then, we write the rental contract as well as the inventory, perform the schedule of fixtures and hand over the apartment keys. On a daily basis, we manage the administrative part (relations with the property management company for the payment of the common expenses, management of the gas, electricity water or internet meter readings and bills…) as well as any potential issues that could occur.

Touristic rental management:

We write and publish the rental advertisements, dealing with the information and reservation requests while verifying each tourist’s profile. We welcome the tourists into the apartment and are at their disposal in case they have questions or troubles. We also deal with the housework after each reservation.

Further to the different rentals, we also take care of replacing every missing or damaged object as well as making small modifications if necessary.